We have a lot to look forward to in Alpharetta. I continue to be amazed by the passion and commitment of our community to keep Alpharetta a premiere city. I am asking for your support as I announce my reelection for Alpharetta City Council so that I may continue to be your advocate. Together, we can ensure that the interests of our residents are placed first and continue to make Alpharetta an even better community to call home.

-Jason Binder, Alpharetta City Council


A Record of Accomplishment for Alpharetta


Homeowner Tax Relief

Sponsored the 2019 Property Tax Exemption of $45,000 for all homeowners and an additional $10,000 exemption for all residents age 65 or older.

Quality Growth & Development

Strengthened the development code to keep Alpharetta a top-tier destination and eliminated loopholes which negatively impacts our residents.

Keeping our Community Safe

Enacted the Safe Hotels Ordinance that holds businesses accountable for a safe, crime-free environment.

Invested in our Quality of Life

Preserved over 30 acres of public park space that is within a 10-minute walk from neighborhoods throughout Alpharetta.

Restored Public Trust

Championed ethics reform that clearly defines conflict-of-interest, provides transparency and holds elected officials accountable to the public.


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