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“I will make a difference during a critical time for Alpharetta and work towards a shared vision of smart, successful growth for our city and our quality of life. My desire is to keep Alpharetta a special place to raise our families, have a great job and spend time with our friends and neighbors.”


Like most working parents, Nicolette and I do not take our time for granted. When we leave the office, we want to spend less time in traffic and more time together with family. As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, it is critical that we prioritize and address our biggest congestion bottlenecks in the following ways:

  • Kimball Bridge, Rucker Road and Windward Parkway have been identified as priority projects five years ago in the 2010 North Fulton County Comprehensive Transportation Plan. Although progress on Rucker Road has started, it is time to start improving the capacity of Kimball Bridge and Windward Parkway and take them off their current project hold status.

  • Traffic issues are not exclusive to Alpharetta. This is a regional issue and we must engage with our neighboring cities and agencies to improve our roads. It will take a consolidated effort and I will work with other municipal leaders and agencies to address our shared congestion problems.

  • Community involvement should be the primary resource to identify and prioritize the specific transportation needs. All capital transportation projects must start with an open forum to have the area residents and businesses identify the issues prior to hiring consultants to propose solutions


Parks and Green Space


The quality of life of Alpharetta is core to the successful growth and popularity of our city. Alpharetta seems to have unlimited growth potential. However, in reality, we are bound by less than 27 square miles. Investors are acquiring property across all of Alpharetta. As more land is developed, there is less opportunity for green space and neighborhood parks. I will have the same urgency on growing our park space and investing in public areas so that we can continue to enjoy our green areas.

Downtown Alpharetta

Downtown Alpharetta has become a premier destination that is the envy of metro Atlanta. Continuing the momentum from the opening of City Hall is a priority. It is critical that we create a walkable Downtown Alpharetta that connects our beloved historic district with any future development of a city center.

  • I will make sure that both sides of Main Street are given the resources to grow. The future vision for downtown must be balanced with supporting the character of the established west side of Main Street.

  • I will champion to make the area more pedestrian and bike friendly by widening sidewalks, adding bike lanes and improving crosswalks. Our downtown visitors should be able to walk and bike throughout town without worry that there is not enough room to safely share the road.

  • I will focus on the addition of public green space and open areas to beautify downtown.


Envision Alpharetta

Community Involvement must be a part of our Community Development.  Alpharetta is a great city because we have great residents. I will help set up a leadership academy program that is designed for our residents to work with community leaders, city staff and business owners to implement positive change for Alpharetta. The alumni of the program will continue to be a great resource for our community development. Alpharetta has a strong, active community whose voice should be heard in creating Alpharetta’s future.

Jason Binder